CBS All Access

CBS All Access is a TV Shows, Movies and Live TV streaming service. The streaming app needed significant UX and Design improvements to give the subscribers a more premium experience as well as to increase the subscriber conversion rate.

Research & Findings

We conducted surveys and in-person user testing to understand the general target audience and current subscriber pain points.

General non-subscriber consensus of the service was that they weren't aware of relevant content they might like. For current subscribers, the app had some navigation and discoverability complexity and also felt visually outdated in comparison to other competitor services they use.

We architected a user journey map and I laid it out in a design to better visualize and understand the user and company goals.


Our goal was to rethink, rebuild and ship the iOS and Android app to address and improve the customer pain points and non-customer skepticism, and create a more premium experience to elevate the brand perception.

My Role

Working closely with stakeholders, my role focused on taking the analyzed data and devising new UX solutions as well as designing, prototyping and testing the app as a whole.


We used an Agile methodology in collaboration with Product, Engineering, QA and other stakeholders. Our cyclical process was based on Research & Analysis, UX Design, Prototyping & Testing, Development, Validation.

Design Process

The design process included wireframing, prototyping, UI design and interaction design.

User Experience

From our learnings we:

  • Created native products that the user felt more familiar with.
  • Focused and created a streamlined user flow map and information architecture that was more intuitive.
  • Architected a new upsell experience and more focused purchase flow to generate more subscriptions.

User Interface

We created a Design System to translate a unified design language throughout our products. However we also designed for native apps which required specific design and functionality elements for their respective OS environments.

Interaction Design

I used prototyping tools such as Principle and Framer to prototype and design interactions. This helped us have a 1-to-1 product early in our hands to get a realistic feel for the app to user test and get stakeholder buy-in.

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Shipping & Results

We successfully launched the app on iOS and Android on Q3 of 2019 having considered our customer feedback. We performed in-person usability tests comparing the old app and the redesign with current subscribers. Findings showed much higher ratings in terms of ease of use, content discoverability and aesthetic design.

We cannot yet share collected data or analytics. However, with a backlog of incremental builds, the process will continue to evolve as user needs are constantly evolving as well.