website / Artist of tomorrow

rising stars

CBS celebrated up and coming musicians in advance of Grammy Awards.

UX/UI, Prototyping, Interaction Design


the challenge

Create a sponsored platform where Grammy nominees pick an up and coming artist of their choice to participate in Artists of Tomorrow. Through different sources, viewers can discover these new artists and engage in learning more about them and engage in a voting system where a winner is selected by popular choice.

the design

It was important the styling carry hints of the main event, the Grammy Awards. In addition I designed a multilayered image style to highlight the artists in a unique way. as well as an animated background to create depth and capture eyeballs upon landing on the page.

audio player

When it comes to up and coming musicians, putting your music out there is what's going to get you fans. So I concepted an audio player that you can play while navigating the site without interruption.

This created a solution to avoid clicking out of the site and increasing the length of the user session.

This also increased the "production value" and created a fun experience while browsing.


This was an initial concept pitched. However, due to engineering effort, time constraints and other minor reasons, it made most sense to adapt the content to the main CBS show page template.

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