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CBS has been the #1 network for many years and with its new streaming service is looking to stay at the top in entertainment.

UX/UI, HTML/CSS/JS Prototyping, Interaction Design

Responsive Web

The Challenge

Design and rebuild from the ground up to increase traffic, push subscriptions and elevate the experience to become a premium service that continues to dominate in the entertainment world.

Design System

The process involved rethinking everything, from the smallest elements. After all, “The details are not the details. They make the design.” Putting a design system in place helped speed up design and created uniformity and harmony.

Immersive & Responsive

CBS is an entertainment service and we needed to create a cinematic and immersive experience where truly breathtaking imagery was front and center. We crafted guidelines for the creation of assets that captured the eye and peaked interest at first glance.

That also meant creating seamless and fluid experience across any device with a browser while serving our wide breadth of content in digestible form.

Interaction Design

Interaction design allows the user to receive immediate feedback after an action but also breathes life into the site. This is the power of digital over print, and leveraging it with the right touch is an art and science in itself.

Try the hover interaction below
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TV to Scale

It fits everywhere, it's flexible and adapts to any screen size.


Designing a property as large as is no easy feat. The major overhaul has proven successful and has raised the bar for all other products in our line up. Our subscriber base continues to grow every year. CBS Interactive's comscore ranking in June 2019 is #7,

5+ million
unique visitors / month

8+ million