Branding / COTOBELLO

hand crafted

Cotobello is a premium and exclusive suit line created by designer Carlos Coto.

Creative Direction, Branding, UX/UI, HTML/CSS/JS, Concepting, Photography

Print, Responsive Web, Photography

The goal was to reset the bar and impress with a high end suit. The emblem represents the distinguishable background of the mastermind. The historical Mayan mark sits below an intricate fish that represents the philosophy of integrity and the elements sit on a crest to represent a trustworthy brand.


I directed and shot a photoshoot to go along with the launch of the new suit line showcasing some of the pattern flavor and style possibilities.

parent company

The parent company, Summit Tailors, also needed a rebranding, website and collateral to show a fresh and refined look as they launched Cotobello.

storefront design

I also concepted a boutique storefront design as they looked to rethink their company as a whole.